A small German company with its home in Baden Württemberg.

Behind the FERBELLA name lies fashion designer Isabella Scherbaum-Bakioglu.

For many years she worked as a freelance creative director in the fashion industry. During that time she was also fortunate enough to get a chance to spend several seasons working with designer and fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld. Karl Lagerfeld’s maxim in those days, that “there is nothing new, we just need a new interpretation” gave her the conviction to try new ideas and this is how Isabella Scherbaum-Bakioglu fulfilled her dream of launching her own range of handbags.

If only because she, like just about every woman in the world, loves handbags. Handbags, of course, are much more than a fashion accessory or a means of transport for everyday essentials.

Handbags are, after all, how many women connect their feelings, memories, secrets and individual personality.

The first handbag Isabella made was borne out of a desire to give a best friend something completely different for her birthday.

Whilst she was rummaging in leftover bits of fabric and leather at her Turkish second home in Bodrum, she had the idea of designing small, one-of-a-kind bags, as colourful companions for all the small secrets of every woman.

At the same time she reminisced about the handiwork of Turkish women and how they embroidered intricate, brightly coloured flower patterns. She designed a flower lace, had it crocheted, sewed her first bag – a shoulder bag – and called it “Say It With Flowers“.

This bag was so charming that Isabella had embroideries made by several Turkish women, inspired by her own ideas, and created a few versions of “Say It With Flowers”.

This experience gave her the courage to continue along her chosen path and to fulfil her dream of establishing her own line of handbags.


She wanted to develop showpiece bags, travel companions and intimate carry-bags, all from the best quality leather and with an intelligent and practical inner life. These handbags had to be super attractive, colour-combined from the bright and lively, to the reserved and elegant.

In Istanbul, Isabella found a fantastic manufacturing partner, a leather producer motivated by quality and handicraft who had already had a successful number of years with established international brands.

A dedicated team of employees working under excellent working conditions would guarantee the very best local know-how and the highest possible quality. With these experts on her side she created her first proper product range.


– that is the motto of Isabella Scherbaum-Bakioglu’s handbag collection and her aim is to bring colour and joy to the life of every woman.